Intercultural Training

Cross-Cultural Training

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home. You are like a pebble thrown into the water; you become wet on the surface but you are never part of the water. -James A. Michener

Whether you are a businessperson, expatriate, host to foreign visitors, vacation traveler, or member of a domestic multicultural community or workforce, cross-cultural knowledge and skills can make you more effective.

BLIS offers cross-cultural orientations, workshops, seminars and, in collaboration with cross-cultural organization development specialists, a range of services focusing on effective cross-cultural management and global organizational development.

Programs are designed for anyone in contact with members of other cultures, especially those who have business associates from other cultures, for managers and project teams in multinational or subsidiary companies, for executives, expatriates and their family members.

Various formats for presentations, workshops, seminars and coaching and consulting services are available. Formats range from brief introductions to key cross-cultural issues to comprehensive multi-day orientations and skills training including assessment and feedback instruments to help you assess your intercultural effectiveness.

Content is tailored to focus on topic areas including:

• key issues in intercultural interactions;
• preparation and planning for working and living in specific cultures;
• strategies for accomplishing explicit and implicit management objectives, and
• more pleasurable and successful business and personal travel.

Living and Working Abroad

One of our most important tasks is the preparation of an individual and his or her family for foreign assignment (expatriation), whether on the departure or arrival end, as well as for return to the home culture (repatriation). This preparation includes both intensive language and cross-cultural training.

Working closely with expatriate individuals and families, their organizations and relocation specialists, BLIS integrates its cross-cultural and language training services into the expatriate experience, including repatriation. You can go “home again”, but it’s often more challenging than you might have anticipated.

The cultural training focuses not only on key cultural differences between the home and the expatriate culture, but also on the specific knowledge needed day-to-day for a successful, rewarding experience for the whole family. The needs of the expatriate professional and those of the accompanying spouse and children are given specific, differentiated consideration.

We work with client-based pre-and post-transfer language performance guidelines, as well as validated time-on-task standards in helping expatriates and their organizations develop a successful preparation program.

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